Apple Universal Dock and iPhone 4S

Q: Can you tell me if Apple intend to produce a universal dock for the iPhone 4S? I was in an Apple Store today and the guy would not sell me (correctly I hope) the universal dock in the store because it seems to be only designed for up to iPhone 4 not the 4S. Any information you can tell me will be hugely appreciated.

– Hugh

A: The current Universal Dock is compatible with the iPhone 4S. The Apple Store employee was likely simply reading the specs on the Universal Dock package, which would probably have been produced before the iPhone 4S was released, and would therefore of course not include any reference to the iPhone 4S.

In fact, if you go to the look up the Universal Dock at the online Apple Store you will see that it is in fact listed as being compatible with the iPhone 4S.

Further, the Universal Dock adapters for the iPhone 4 can also be used with the iPhone 4S—these are simply plastic mouldings that are used to ensure that the iPhone fits properly in the dock. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are virtually identical in physical design, with only very subtle differences in the volume switch placement and antenna design that do not affect physical dock compatibility.

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