Apple won’t help with HP iPod

Q: I got my Apple iPod from HP around Christmas of 2004. It worked fine for about 5 months. Then one day i just plugged it in to charge overnight and when I woke up i thought it wouldnt turn on. Then i finally realized that the contrast was totally gone. It took about a month for it to come back a bit, then it was on the brink of being fixed. I was so happy.

Then yesterday I turned it on and it all went away again.

I took it to the Apple Store to the Genius Bar and they told me they couldnt fix it because it was from HP and they arent authorized or something so that made me even more frustrated.

I can hear my music, and the iPod clicks, so I know the cursor is moving, but there is no display – how can i get it back?


A: We’re assuming that you mean the display is “blank” – that the contrast is all the way down. If this is the case, then you can try and reset it even though you don’t see the menus. Press the Menu button several times – at least six times – to make sure you are at the top level of the menus. Then scroll down two clicks, and press the Select button (the middle button).

Scroll all the way to the left until you hear no more clicks, then scroll to the right seven clicks. Press the Select button, then scroll to the right. If everything works out right, you’ll have found the Contrast menu, and you’ll be raising the contrast.

The only way this might not work is if you have changed the main menu in the iPod’s settings. If this is the case, you’ll need to reset the iPod using the iPod Software Updater that’s on your computer; warning, this erases all the iPod’s music, but if your music is all in your iTunes library, you’ll get it back with the first sync. From this point, the iPod should be back to its factory settings, and the contrast should be more normal.