Artist column on far left of library?


Q: Is there a way to arrange my library in iTunes so that the “Artist” column is the first on the left? It seems no matter what I try, the “Name” column is always the first on the left.

Artist column on far left of library?

– Josh

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to do this, but here are a few suggestions:

First, you can navigate your library by Artist first if you simply use iTunes’ “Browse” feature, accessible via the icon in the Library’s top-right corner. By default, the first column here is “Genre,” but you can remove this by deselecting the following option in iTunes’ preferences:

Artist column on far left of library?

Second (and although you’re likely interested in a live, interactive listing), you can always export your library data to Microsoft Excel and view the columns however you wish. To do so, simply choose “Select All” and then “Copy” from iTunes’ “Edit” menu, and then choose “Paste” in Microsoft Excel. This is discussed further in this Ask iLounge column.

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