Artists appear more than once on iPod


Q: When I move songs from iTunes to my iPod, some of the artists and albums show up more than one time, and the songs then are divided between the same artist, showing up to three times on my list. It doesnt make any sense, and takes up some time in finding the song – plus it makes it impossible to listen to the entire album in one shot. How do I fix this?

– Anders

A: This is a common problem when your Artist titles aren’t exactly identical. Often, the problem is “Simon and Garfunkel” vs. “Simon & Garfunkel,” but your problem is not likely so obvious. The most likely “invisible” complication here is trailing spaces. To the iPod, there is a difference between “Artist” and “Artist “. To ensure that each artist has exactly the same name, select all songs by this artist at once in iTunes, right-click, and choose Get Info. Now change the Artist title (and only the artist title), and the change will be propagated uniformly across all of an artist’s tracks.

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