Playing podcasts sequentially

Jerrod H.
By Jerrod H.  - Contributing Editor
Playing podcasts sequentially

Q: When I have several podcasts in my podcast playlist, after listening to one podcast, my second generation iPod nano will not automatically advance to the next podcast; I have to manually click on the next podcast to play it. This happens regardless if I start with the latest podcast on top of my list or the oldest podcast on the bottom of my list. Is there a setting that I need to tweak to play one podcast after another automatically?

– Al

Playing podcasts sequentially

A: Unfortunately, that’s the way that Apple has designed the iPod’s Podcast menu, and there’s no setting to change that behavior.

However, it’s fairly easy to work around: simply place the podcast episodes you’d like to listen to sequentially into playlists.

To automatically group all playlists into one playlist (and always capture all episodes as they come and go), you can do this with a simple smart playlist:

Playing podcasts sequentially

Alternatively, you can accomplish the same task while out and about directly from your iPod using its On-The-Go playlist feature. Navigate to the iPod’s Podcast menu, select a grouping of podcasts, and hold down the iPod’s center button.

This will add the entire group of episodes to an On-The-Go playlist, accessible at the very bottom of the iPod’s “Music → Playlists” menu. Play this instead, and the podcasts will advance automatically.


By Jerrod H. Contributing Editor
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