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Q: I’m looking for an audio recorder adapter that works with iPod touch. From what I’ve read, there is nothing available. Is that correct? Is something in the works? The closest that I’ve found is the Podcast Studio, but I think that only works with certain iPods, and not the iPod touch. If this is the best that I’m going to be able to find, what are the iPods that it works with currently? Does it work with the Classic?

– Liz

A: Unfortunately, the iPod touch does not presently support audio recording. Unlike the iPod classic and iPod nano, the iPod touch simply doesn’t have the necessary software as part of its standard configuration to provide for this. Since all of the available recording accessories for the iPod rely on recording support in the iPod itself, connecting an audio recording accessory will result simply in an error message indicating that this accessory is not supported.

There are some audio recording applications that have been created for jailbroken iPod touch and iPhone models, however these are not compatible with most standard iPod recording accessories at this point, and the few that do work do not provide proper line-in levels. These solutions may be of interested to technology enthusiasts but are definitely not recommended for the average end-user.

In order for voice recording to properly be supported on the iPod touch, Apple is going to have to add this capability in a firmware update. Since Apple does not normally discuss future plans, it is uncertain when this capability might appear, or if it will appear at all.

The bottom line is that if audio recording on your iPod is something that is important to you, you are far better off to go with either the iPod classic or iPod nano (with video). The older fifth-generation iPod and second-generation iPod nano also provide voice recording support with the same accessories, so purchasing an older discontinued iPod model may also be an option.

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