Audiobooks and iCloud

Q: I was wondering, will audio books be included with iCloud?

– Paul

A: At this time, audiobooks do not form part of iCloud or iTunes in the Cloud. Early reports on iTunes Match suggest that this service will also only be available for music and music videos, and not audiobooks, podcasts, or other types of content.

iTunes in the Cloud presently allows users in most countries to re-download music, apps and iBooks previously purchased from the iTunes Store. U.S. iTunes Store users can also re-download TV Shows from their purchase history. iTunes in the Cloud also allows users to configure iTunes 10.3 or later or iOS 4.3.3 or later to automatically download music, apps or books purchased with the same iTunes Store account on another computer or device. TV Shows are not included as part of the automatic download feature.

Other types of content including movies, podcasts, iTunes U and audiobooks are not presently available as part of Apple’s iCloud services, although there have been several reports that Apple is in negotiations to add movie content to the service, and its possible that support for other types of content may be coming in the future.

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