Q: I have an iPod touch and want to start using audio books. I have downloaded the free Audible App, but in order to get a book, I had to sign up for a monthly membership with Audible.com ($15/mo) plus I saw that one of the current titles cost $27. Is there a cheaper or better way to download CURRENT audio books? I already know that there is a free app for classics, but I’m looking for new titles.

– Erika

A: The iTunes Store is another possible source of audiobooks online, and sells much of the same content that Audible does. Further, you can also purchase audiobooks directly from Audible.com and synchronize them to your iPod touch in the same way as music and other media content, rather than using the standalone Audible app. Audiobooks from iTunes can also be purchased directly in the iTunes app on your iPod touch.

You may also want to look into more traditional sources of audiobook content such as CDs from your local bookstore or library. You can import an audiobook CD into your iTunes library as you would a music CD and simply adjust a few settings in iTunes to categorize it as an audiobook and keep track of its playback position. Third-party tools are also available that can add chapter markers to longer audiobooks. Check out our Complete Guide to iTunes Audiobooks, Podcasts + iTunes U for more information.


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