Authorizing games for iPod

Q: I was so excited about the new features in iTunes that I immediately bought Pac Man for my fifth generation iPod. I have updated my iPod software to version 1.2, but when I try to upload the game I get a message that I’m not authorized to play it on my computer. What does the message mean, and more importantly, how do I get the game onto my iPod? Thanks.

– Anonymous

A: You’ve completed only one of two steps which are required for existing fifth-generation iPods to play the new games from the iTunes Store. The first, upgrading the firmware to version 1.2, allowed your iPod to have the actual software capability to execute the game programs.

The second requirement, however, is what we think is probably an odd bug: unlike music, which comes automatically “authorized” (or associated with your iTunes account) on the computer you download it from iTunes with, it seems you must explicitly authorize your computer for the first game you download for your iPod.

To do so, simply open iTunes’ “iPod Games” menu in the Source list, and click on the thumbnail image for one of your games. When iTunes prompts you for your iTunes account and password, simply enter them, click OK, and re-syncrhonize your iPod. The games will transfer to the iPod and become accessible in the existing “Extras → Games” listing.

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