Authorizing iPod games

Q: I bought 5 iPod games from the iTunes Store, and when I connect my iPod to the computer, it says, “Some items, including [games] were not added to this iPod because they are not authorized to play on this computer.” Can you help me with this issue? Thanks!

– Pat

A: Given that iPod games cannot be played in iTunes, it seems odd that the user is required to attempt to show a game in iTunes before it will transfer to the iPod, but indeed this is the case. To authorize iPod games from an iTunes account to be played on your iPod, simply open iTunes’ “iPod Games” container, and click on one of your games.

An authorization window will appear as it does for your inaugural iTunes music purchase, and ask for your Apple ID and password. Complete the form to authorize this game, and your iPod will then automatically accept all iPod games (not just this one) that you’ve purchased under that account.