Automatically ejecting iPod after transfer

Q: Is there any way to have iTunes automatically eject the iPod after a synchronizations?  find it annoying that when I go to retrieve my iPod from the dock in the morning (having deposited it there the night before), I have to wake the computer from sleep and wait a few seconds for the iPod to eject. I think you should just be able to grab it and go without any hassles.

– Tom

A: Actually, it is the default behavior of iTunes to do just that. To restore this functionality, let’s double-check some settings:

In the iPod panel of iTunes’ Preferences (when your iPod is connected), ensure that either “Automatically update all songs and playlists” or “Automatically update selected playlists only” is selected.

If you have selected to “Manually manage songs and playlists,” iTunes insists on keeping the iPod mounted, so that it is always ready for a manual transfer.

Once you’re sure you’re using an automatic synchronization method, also ensure that “Enable disk use” is unchecked.