Automating lyrics retrieval on a Mac


Q: Having become familiar with iTunes 5’s new lyrics feature, I’d like to find a way to easily fill the lyrics box for all the songs on my Mac. I’ve found that pearLyrics Dashboard Widget does a wonderful job on the currently playing song, but it won’t step through my whole library. Any ideas?

– Anonymous

A: Two of our editors recently went through the exact same process, filling their iTunes libraries with lyrics using the pearLyrics widget. To automate the iteration through the library, they used the Needle Drop 2.5 AppleScript from Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes. Download this Applescript and place it in your [User Home Folder]/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder. Then, launch iTunes, create a playlist of the songs you’d like to iterate through, and select “Needle Drop” from your iTunes’ script menu (the small scroll in your menu bar). Needle Drop will ask how long you would like to preview each song for (between 7 and 10 seconds should be plenty for pearLyrics to both fetch and write the text), and click “Ok.”  Make sure the pearLyrics widget is open and active before you begin, and all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax!

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