Avoiding iTalk/iPod interference

Q: I have a 40 GB 4G iPod and use an iTalk to record podcasts. As you know, the iPod makes that annoying “whirlling” sound and gets recorded when making our shows.

Is there any possible way to get rid of it? I use Audacity to edit recording and when I use a noise removal tool it just makes the audio horibble.

– Anonymous

A: Removal of existing background noise is virtually impossible to do well.

However, iTalk offers a remarkably easy way to minimize the sound you’re hearing (which comes from the hard drive): simply move the microphone away from the iPod by using an external microphone with the iTalk’s microphone port on top.

Griffin sells one called the Lapel Mic, though virtually any microphone with a miniplug (including inexpensive ones intended for computers available at stores like RadioShack) should work fine.