Backing up iTMS video purchases

Q: How do I back up my videos that I have bought from iTunes? I’ve done this for music using audio CDs, but I’m worried about videos, since you can’t burn them and (like music) can’t redownload them.

– Eric

A: Actually, you don’t have to treat videos any differently simply because they can’t be burned in a TV-viewable format.

In fact, the better way to back up your videos and music to CDs or DVDs is to use the “Data CD/DVD” option found in iTunes’ Preferences, under the “Advanced / Burning” tab.

With this option, all files in your library will be burned in their native digital format, as files which are readily able to be added directly back into your iTunes library should they need to be – far easier than restoring music via audio CDs.

For more information on how to back up all the contents of your iTunes Library, see our tutorial, The Complete Guide to Backing Up iPod and iTunes Music.