Backing up Notes from IPod touch

Q: My iPod touch is not responding to touch, I have been advised to re-set the iPod, however first I want to download all my Notes. I am trying to find software that will allow me to download this information. Is there anything out there?

– Joel

A: The simplest and most inexpensive solution would be to e-mail your notes to yourself from your iPod touch. While this needs to be done individually for each note, there are no costs involved in doing so, and you can do this fairly quickly and easily directly from the device itself.

Keep in mind as well that iTunes will make a backup of all of the information on your iPod touch, including your notes, and you can simply restore this information to your iPod touch after you restore the device from iTunes. Further, even if you had to replace your iPod touch with a new one, this backup can be easily restored to your new iPod touch as well, or even to an iPhone.

Other options for copying content such as notes from your iPod touch back to your computer include Touch Copy (Mac/Windows,, $25), The Missing Sync for iPhone (Mac/Windows,, $40) and PhoneView (Mac,, $20). Although these are all slightly more expensive options, they each provide considerably more functionality than simply copying notes from your device.

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