Battery Percentage Display on iPhone 3.0

Q: I have a second-generation iPod touch that I have just recently updated to iPhone OS 3.0. I can’t seem to find the setting that enables my iPod to display the remaining amount of battery as a percentage. Is this an iPhone only feature or am I just not seeing it? Thanking you in advance!

– Simon

A: Actually, this is not only an iPhone-only feature, but actually a feature only found on the iPhone 3GS model. The battery percentage display is not available for current iPod touch users or users of older iPhone models, including the 3G. For 3GS users, the setting is found in the Settings app, under the General, Usage section.

Battery Percentage Display on iPhone 3.0

Why this feature is not available in previous iPhone and iPod touch devices is a bit of a mystery at this point, although it’s possible that Apple did not consider the battery gauge on these older models accurate enough to display a percentage. In this case it’s possible that we may see this feature in the next-generation iPod touch.


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