Burning different CD types

Q: I cannot copy music from my playlist to a CD or DVD as in the area where it is supposed to show as “Burn CD” it only shows “Burn MP3.” When I try to burn it says it cannot burn a CD. Any suggestions?

– Anonymous

Burning different CD types

A: iTunes supports different formats for burning a CD, and in this case it’s most likely that you have the default format set to burn an “MP3 CD” which basically burns a computer-readable data CD with your tracks stored in raw MP3 format and laid out for CD players that support the MP3 CD format. Note that this format will only allow you to burn files that are already in the MP3 format—it will not convert AAC files or iTunes purchased content into a compatible format for you.

You can find this default setting in your iTunes preferences, under Advanced, Burning:

Burning different CD types

If you want to burn a standard Audio CD, simply change the format back to “Audio CD” and click the OK button. This will allow you to burn an audio CD that can be played in any standard CD player. Note that you cannot burn Audio DVDs using this method.

Alternatively, if you are looking to backup your music for archival purposes or to copy it to another computer, you should select “Data CD or DVD” which will simply burn the tracks in the selected playlist in whatever format they are current in to a computer-readable data CD or DVD. Note that you won’t be able to actually listen to this CD or DVD on anything but another computer—this setting is intended primarily for archival/backup purposes.