Burning DVDs of Music Store video clips


Q: Can I burn traditional DVDs of iTunes-purchased videos for viewing on standard DVD players? I would like to purchase Season 2 of “Lost,” but if I have to hover around the computer to watch it, I think I’ll pass.

– Jill

A: Unlike songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store, which can be burned to a disc compatible with any CD player, the video content cannot be burned in a format readable by a DVD player. However, other FairPlay digital rights management rules still apply – most notably, the videos can only be played on up to five computers authorized for your Music Store account.

However, you do have a few options for TV viewing of iTunes videos. First, look into your computer’s capabilities for TV-Out, as you may be able to output your computer’s display directly to a nearby TV’s Video-In port. Second, the new iPod (with video capabilities) can play these iTunes-purchased videos and export them to a connected television with the Apple A/V Cable, optionally used with the Universal Dock.

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