Burning multiple playlists at once

Q: Is it possible to burn multiple playlists worth of songs to a single disc? iTunes seems to insist on burning only one playlist at once. With low-capacity audio CD’s, this ability wouldn’t be very helpful since , but I’d like to be able to periodically backup my favorite few playlists to a single disk.

– Bob

A: Unfortunately, no – iTunes’ burning methodology is indeed built upon a certain playlist-CD metaphor, and there’s no way to automatically designate that a single CD gets two playlists worth of data. Even iTunes’ “Folders” can’t be burned to a single CD: the button in the upper-right corner of iTunes is “Browse” instead of “Burn” when viewing these folders.

However, doing this isn’t hard to do manually, and there are two basic ways to do it. Fundamentally, you clearly need to combine the playlists you’d like to burn into one. To do this, you can either create a new manual playlist, and drag and drop the playlists you’d like to burn into it, or you can make a smart playlist such as the following:

Burning multiple playlists at once

This method will be useful if you plan to burn the same backup multiple times, since it will always stay updated.

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