Buying iPods abroad

Q: I live in the UK and I’m about to go on holiday to the U.S. I’m thinking of buying an iPod nano while I am there, but I am unsure if it will still work in the UK when I return or if I will have to do anything special with it?

– Joe

A: This is not a problem at all. Although there will be packaging differences in iPods sold in different countries, the iPod hardware itself is basically identical.

The only actual difference to be concerned with are the obvious power and charging adapter differences between North America and the UK. However, since no current model of iPod includes any form of AC charger, this is not as much of a concern as it once was. You can charge your iPod nano from your computer with the included USB cable, and if you’re really concerned about purchasing an AC charger, you would likely be best to wait until your return to the UK to do so.

This generally applies to any other accessories as well. There are no international compatibility issues except for power adapters, so if you’re purchasing accessories such as speakers, you will want to ensure that they either come with power adapters that are UK-compatible, or that the use generic adapters that can easily be swapped out for UK versions.

The only other caveat concerns iTunes Gift Cards: You may be tempted to pick some of these up on your travels to the U.S.