Q: Following up on your answer to “How do I keep my iPhone calls from ringing on my Mac?”, is there a way to keep the phone calls coming into my Macbook Pro without making that annoying ringing noise? Short of muting my computer all the time, can I shut it up?

Can I mute Handoff calls coming into my Mac from my iPhone?

A: Yes. Since incoming iPhone calls from Handoff are actually handled by the “FaceTime” app on your Mac, you can actually do this simply by disabling notifications for that specific app through the Yosemite Notification settings. On your Mac, go into System Preferences, select Notifications and look for “FaceTime” in the list of apps on the left-hand side.

In the FaceTime notification settings, just uncheck “Play Sound for Notifications.” You can also customize other settings here, such as the type of alert that appears, and whether you want missed call notifications to show up when your Mac is locked. On the other hand, if you still want to hear sound but simply don’t like the default notification tone, you can also select a different one in the FaceTime Preferences on your Mac.

Can I mute Handoff calls coming into my Mac from my iPhone?

Keep in mind that Yosemite and the FaceTime app don’t differentiate between Handoff calls from your iPhone and actual FaceTime calls — these settings will affect all FaceTime notifications.


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