Can I turn off the app icons that appear in the bottom corner on the lock screen?

Q: Ever since I upgraded to iOS 8, my iPhone keeps popping up icons in the bottom left corner of the lock screen whenever I’m out. Things like Starbucks, the Apple Store, and my local supermarket’s app keep coming up. I know it’s a small thing, but I’m left handed and I’ve swiped them by mistake a couple of times when I take my iPhone out of my purse, and it’s a pain to be taken into an app I don’t want to use. Sometimes I’ll even see an icon that I don’t recognize, and when I opened one of those it took me to the App Store instead, which was even crazier. My boyfriend said turning off location services should get rid of these, as they seem to be based on the iPhone being near these stores, but I don’t know if I want to go that far. Any ideas?

A: Your boyfriend is correct that these are suggested apps based on location. If you want to get rid of these entirely, that’s easily done by going into your Settings app and choosing Handoff & Suggested Apps from the General section.

There are two settings here that you can switch off depending on what you want to see show up. Turning them both off is probably what you want here, as it will get rid of the icons entirely. If you prefer, however, you can leave the setting on for apps that are installed on your device while leaving App Store recommendations out of the mix, or you can do the opposite and turn off suggestions for your own apps, and only see available apps that you haven’t already installed.

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