Cassette adapter far too quiet


Q: I play my iPod through my car stereo using a cassette adapter. It worked fine for a long time, but now the volume is so low I can’t even hear it over road noise with the volume on both the stereo and iPod at their maximum settings. The iPod works fine otherwise. What’s going on?

– David

A: This is a common and easy-to-fix issue that occurs with virtually all cassette adaptors.

Most car stereos have the capability to play both sides of a cassette without removing it. If you play the wrong side of the electronic cassette adapter than the one it was designed for, the volume will indeed be extremely low. Simply play the cassette adapter in the opposite direction from what you’re currently using (consult your car stereo’s manual if you don’t know how to do this).

If this isn’t the issue, there’s likely something wrong with your cassette adapter, and you should replace it.

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