We took an early peek at iHome’s lineup in its off-Pavilion meeting room yesterday, including looks at the following new alarm clocks and speakers.

CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

iA5: The company’s first app-integrated clock radio, with a single driver, clock, and integrated alarm, all controllable via a very slick application that will work across future iHome iA-series devices.

CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

iA100: An impressively designed speakerphone-slash-clock radio with app integration, Bongiovi Acoustics, and a fresh cabinet design.

iH22: A budget clock radio with a great, colorful design.

CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

iH150: An updated version of the iH15 color changing stereo, moving the central driver in front to the back, and placing a clock in the center.

iP2: The iHome iP2 stacks .75” and 3” drivers on top of each other to conserve space while preserving the black and clear plastic design of the award-winning iP1. 


CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

iP46: A challenger to the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2, with a similar four-driver design at a lower price point.


CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

iP49: iHome’s first Bongiovi Acoustics-based portable unit has a very cool fold-down design.

iP51: An upgraded version of the earlier iH51 three-speaker audio system with separate dock, now with iPhone support.

iP90: A redesigned version of the company’s flagship iH9/iP9 clock radios, featuring softer curves, a dial-less top, and a nice central screen.

Additional models can be seen in our Flickr Gallery.

The Digital Experience event at the Las Vegas Mirage hotel included the first public showings of a number of new iPod and iPhone accessories, such as:

Griffin: Griffin has made small but noteworthy changes to its TuneFlex and RoadTrip car audio-charging-mounting kits, enabling them to provide more device support and also hold iPods/iPhones inside cases.


CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

Memorex: Memorex debuted twin easy-carry boomboxes, one with two drivers and a small body, the other with four drivers and a CD player in the top, as well as two stylish new alarm clocks with iPod/iPhone docks mounted nearly flush with the tops of the systems. 

Mophie: Mophie was showing a new color of its old Juice Pack Air, as well as a similar looking battery and app bundle enabling reception of FLO TV. 

Philips: Philips was showing only a couple of speakers at Digital Experience, only one of which – bright lamp, clock radio, and audio system with an integrated dock called the Wake-Up Light – was really interesting. 

PowerMat: PowerMat showed a smaller version of its inductive charging system, as well as a bundle of the charger with an iPhone case. 


CES 2010: iHome and Digital Experience

Speck: Speck showed a number of its artist-designed Fitted cases, as well as some beautiful show-only customized versions of its CandyShell, SeeThru Satin, and other designs.

XtremeMac: Debuted a collection of new cases and InCharge series power accessories, including a new battery and charger, battery case, and much more.

Photos from all of these companies and many more can be seen in our 2010 CES Flickr photostream.

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