Charging iPod video with old AC adapter


Q: I have an older, third generation iPod that came with a power adapter that connects to the iPod’s Firewire cable. I wonder: can that adapter can be used to safely charge my new fifth generation iPod as well?

– Mike

A: It most certainly can – if, of course, you also have a Firewire-to-Dock Connector cable. Any existing iPod or iPod nano can be charged via Firewire. For other readers, however, the same is not true in the opposite direction: first- to third-generation full size iPods cannot be charged via USB. Below is a full table of each iPod’s charge and sync capabilities over Firewire and USB 2.0.

iPod ModelUSB2.0Firewire
1st Gen – Charge & Sync
2nd Gen – Charge & Sync
3rd GenSync onlyCharge & Sync
4th GenCharge & SyncCharge & Sync
PhotoCharge & SyncCharge & Sync
5th GenCharge & SyncCharge only
1G/2G miniCharge & SyncCharge & Sync
1G/2G nanoCharge & SyncCharge only
1G/2G shuffleCharge & Sync

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