Charging iPod while recording audio

Q: I want to use my 30GB 5G iPod for recording lectures, but the Griffin iTalkPro device that I have plugs into the charging port at the bottom which prevents me from charging the unit as I record and the battery doesn’t last long enough for me to be able to record the full lecture. Do you have a solution for this or any other suggestions. I’m currently looking for a 3rd generation iPod with dock station but if I don’t have to buy another iPod, I’d prefer not to.

– Steven

A: No need to go out and buy another iPod. The Belkin TuneTalk Stereo (iLounge rating: B+) provides similar features to the Griffin iTalkPro and also includes a pass-through mini-USB charging port. Although this is a more expensive option than the Griffin, it is likely less so than buying even an older-model used iPod.

Note that although the TuneTalk package does include a standard USB to mini-USB connection cable for connection to your computer, an AC charging adapter is not included, which means you’ll have to supply your own. However, any standard charger that connects to a mini-USB port should work for this purpose, so you can use any mini-USB charger that you may already own for another electronic device. We’ve successfully charged our iPods through the TuneTalk with several different models of mini-USB cell phone chargers.