Charging new mini with old power adapter

Q: I have a 2G iPod and I just bought my wife an iPod Mini. Since my iMac is pretty old and doesn’t have USB 2.0, I bought the FireWire-to-Dock Connector cable to transfer songs.

My old iPod came with an AC-FireWire adapter for charging and I can’t find anything in the iPod help or online support to tell me if that adapter will work for the mini. I don’t want to experiment with my wife’s new toy.

Can you tell me if it’ll work or if I’ll have to get a new adapter for the iPod mini?

– Dave

A: This adapter, and the FireWire-Dock Connector cable, will safely charge any iPod with a Dock Connector. While recent iPods can use USB 2.0, they don’t have to; they’re happy with power over FireWire, either from a charger, or from a computer.