For the first time ever on the iPod, Apple has released cheat codes that unlock hidden levels and power-ups found in its fifth-generation iPod games Vortex and Texas Hold’em. Multiple codes can be combined in each game, making it much easier to beat difficult stages.

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In Vortex, you need to bring up the Main Menu without a game in progress. You’ll see an option called Personal Info. Select Rename, and enter one of the following new player names using the letter selection tool. Hold down the iPod’s center Action button until the code activates.

ME_PAZ activates the laser power-up, which burns through bricks in a straight line.


I_GUNZ activates the gun power-up, which destroys bricks one at a time.


FORSIX gives you 24 lives.


_PWR_B (space PWR space B) gives you the powerball, which shatters multiple bricks at a time.


NO_ID_ (NO space ID space) unlocks special backgrounds not found anywhere in the game’s 40 original levels, or in the randomly generated ones that appear after those have been completed.

Texas Hold’em

In Texas Hold’em, go to the Options menu, and select New Player. Enter the cheat code as a new player name using the letter selection tool. Once the cheat code is entered, the iPod will jump to the checkmark (done) character. At this point, you must hold down the center button until the code activates, and you’ll see the word Secret appear on screen.


By entering YOUCHEAT, you’ll activate a secret menu that gives you five options: unlock all tournaments, start with $100,000 in cash, show tells and/or down cards, and adjust the AI to fold normally, often, or never. Other cheats are below.


See secret characters:  ALLCHARS


Play the iTunes Bar tournament:  BARTUNES


Play the Apple Conference Room tournament, which is “modeled after an actual Apple conference room,” notes Apple:  THREEAMI


Play the Stonehenge tournament:  BIGROCKS


Play the Dog tournament (a tribute to C.M. Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker art):  PLAYDOGS


Play the Futuristic tournament:  SPACEACE


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