Classifying videos in iTunes 8

Q: Hello, I recently updated to iTunes 8 and am having a problem classifying my videos as Music Video, Movie, ot TV Show. In previous versions of iTunes when I uploaded a video into iTunes, it would be classified as a Movie and I would go into the “Get Info” screen and click the Video tab, which would have the menu for Music Video, Movie, and TV show, and sort it accordingly. iTunes 8 does not have that tab and all my video is going into Movies and I can’t get it out. I have an iPod Classic 160GB. Please help.

– Bruce

A: With iTunes 8, the option for changing your video kind has been moved from the “Video” tab over to the “Options” tab and re-labelled “Media Kind.”

Classifying videos in iTunes 8

For videos, this still presents the same three options as the “Video Kind” menu did in iTunes 8, but this can also be used to set the media kind for audio files to either Music or Audiobook.

As an added bonus, iTunes 8 now also allows you to change the Media Kind for videos purchased from the iTunes Store, and you can now tag more than one video file at a time—simply select them all in iTunes before choosing Get Info and you will note that most tabs remain available in the multiple file information dialog boxes. Be sure to check out our newly-revised Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos for more information.


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