Cleaning iTunes’ Source list with Folders and sorting

Q: I need to organize my Source column in iTunes by shortening it up, and sorting it in a better way than alphabetically. I can add folders, but can’t seem to create playlists inside these folders. How, then, do I make use of them? Furthermore, why can’t I sort the playlists how I want?

– Hal

A: To create a smart or manual playlist inside an existing folder, simply select the folder in the Source column, and then create the new playlist using “File → New Playlist,” or any other method to create a playlist. If you’d rather not do it this way, you can create a playlist at the root level, and simply drag it into the folder you’ve created. Also note that you can even create sub-folders inside other folders, several layers deep:

Cleaning iTunes’ Source list with Folders and sorting

When cleaning up your “Source” list, it certainly can be restrictive that you can’t sort your playlists manually. Drag-and-drop doesn’t help, here. iTunes’ only Source column sorting method is alphabetical: folders first, then smart playlists, with manual playlists grouped below. How can this be fixed? We currently add miscellaneous characters before our playlist titles to force them to the top. For example, our “Forgotten Favorites” playlist appears at the top of the list when titled “+Forgotten Favorites.” This setting indeed transfers to the iPod, and can be further manipulated by using additional characters.

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