Cleaning up iTunes’ Source column

Cleaning up iTunes’ Source column 1

Q: How can I disable the Podcast and Radio options in the source window? I never use these, and my Source column is getting crowded as I create more playlists.

– Shannon

A: In the most recent versions of iTunes, these preferences are grouped under “Parental Controls” in iTunes’ Preferences window:

Cleaning up iTunes’ Source column 2

Even if you aren’t using these options for parental control, simply check what you’d prefer not to see.

Similarly, “Party Shuffle” and “Videos” can each be disabled from the “General” panel in the same Preferences window, and the Source column can be further tidied by grouping playlists into folders. To do this, simply select “New Folder” from iTunes’ “File” menu.

  1. 4G, HP + iPod, 20GB, I believe click wheel is dead.
    Takes updates, I can move files back and forht onto hard drive, shows up in ITunes, but after restoring iPod, the first question it asks is to select language.
    Because of my dead click wheel, I am stuck.

    Q: Is there a way to configure my iPod via a computer and avoid using click wheel for default settings (I’m also thinking .ini file)? Does a remote accessory exist that will replace click-wheel functionality?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  2. regarding the album art:
    you say you downloaded the media. I do this as well. If the media (songs) are not labeled as an album (that is, the album field for that song in iTunes is blank), then you cannot modify artwork.
    This may be the problem that wasn’t adressed.
    Simply type anything (i do mean anything) for that album field and you will be able to modify it.

  3. Ahmed –

    Completely untrue in our experience… we have plenty of songs with album art that have no album tag. Such songs that don’t have album art yet still gladly accept it, as well.

  4. I am thinking about getting a 1G ipod, but i recently had a 2G ipod that i got in January, however it was stolen. It was very easily scratched, although i do miss it very much. It was tiny and i could listen to it in class with out the teacher noticing!! 😉 But i am very serious about mii grades….an all a student as a matter of fact!! well i need a 1G owners help…Are their screens terribly dim?

  5. Jerrod –
    Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll take a look at the permissions as well as the file types.

    Admedh –
    Thanks for the thought, I had actually read about the album name thing somewhere else but it doesn’t matter, album art is the last step in getting my iTunes library up to date as far as complete information (track/album/artist) so that’s not an issue for me.

  6. i put album art on most of my music, but lately its been showing the same picture for several different songs, this shows up only on my ipod and not in itunes. how can i fix this?

  7. Hi Jerrod-

    I am curious, does Apple publish stats or do any trade papers estimate the # of Video iPods in use worldwide? I also want to know
    if there are stats on the “most subscribed”
    video podcasts.

    No rush, btw.


    p.s. iLounge is my go-to link for iPod info.

  8. hi how are you good me to how do you download videos to ipod without useing the music store on itunes

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