Clearing Sort Fields in iTunes

Q: Since establishing my iTunes library many years ago, I have been sorting artists by my preferred ordering (last name, first name), ensuring, for example, that Bob Dylan appears in iTunes and on iPods under D rather than B. I have been using the sort field rather than manually changing the artists’ actual names in the info field.  However, this is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as I accumulate more music, as each new purchase will be imported as, for example “Bob Dylan” and I do not really have time to be adding sort fields each time.  I think it is time I bit the bullet and allowed iTunes to sort as it sees fit and so would now like to remove, en masse, all sorting data on all music but do not believe there is such a function in iTunes? Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated. I realize I can highlight all items by a sorted artist and delete the sort field but this would have to be done for all artists in a 20000 track library.

Clearing Sort Fields in iTunes

– James

A: There is no specific menu option to do this, however you can clear the sort field for ALL of your tracks in one pass simply by using the Multiple File Information dialog box—there’s no need to do this on an artist-by-artist basis.

Simply go to your main Music listing in iTunes, ensure that all tracks are displayed and then choose Select All from the Edit menu to select every track in your library. You can then choose File, Get Info and edit the track properties for every track.

The Sort fields will naturally contain no information to edit, as the fields are not the same for every track, however you can clear the content of these fields simply by checking the box to the left of each one and leaving the field itself blank.

The checkbox is normally enabled automatically when you enter something in the field, but selecting the checkbox and entering nothing in the field tells iTunes to remove the content of that field for all of the selected tracks. Clicking “Ok” will apply the changes, which may take a few minutes on a large iTunes library.