Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactions

On January 30, 2007, Apple Inc. announced that the second-generation iPod shuffle – previously available only in silver aluminum – would be available immediately in four additional colors: pink, green, blue, and the all-new orange. As a new spin on our traditional Editorial format, iLounge’s editors have weighed in from multiple time zones with varied opinions on the new lineup, which comes only three months after the silver iPod shuffle appeared in stores.

Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactionsDennis Lloyd, Publisher, United States: “More colors are always better for the consumer. I like silver, but having a choice of colors makes it more fun. iPod shuffle sales will no doubt accelerate due to the new colors; at $80 a pop, can everyone get a shuffle to match their clothing? I’m going to buy an iLounge orange one for myself and probably a pink one for my wife.”

Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactionsJeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief, United States: “From a business standpoint, the new shuffles make a lot of sense – low-priced colorful iPods will always sell well – but after the introduction of iPhone earlier this month, it’s hard for me to get excited about this model. I would have liked to see a black one, which I would have purchased for myself, and other more ‘adult’ colors, but I’m sure Dennis will be thrilled with the new orange shuffle.”

Larry AngellL.C. Angell, Senior Editor, United States: “It’s strange they didn’t at least lower the price a little, or update something else besides the coloring. It’s just annoying to see Apple bide its time with these lame updates for the last two years… waiting to release a touch-screen iPod. I love the second-gen shuffle, but new colors aren’t going to steal any thunder from today’s Vista launch.”

Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactionsChristina Easton, Contributing Editor, United States: “Apple should have done this earlier, but I think it’s a great idea, and provides a lot of color choices and options for different people, especially girls – from what I’m seeing, it seems like Apple’s targeting the shuffle towards a female audience. The orange one is neat, but I hope their next announcement is of a PRODUCT (RED) version. I don’t necessarily think that a lot of guys would choose these colors, and I think it would be kind of nice if they did different materials, too.”

Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactionsJerrod H., Contributing Editor, United States: “While both additional colors and the updated headphones should have been iPod shuffle offerings from the start, it’s nice to see them here now – even as part of such a small, simple update to the product. Though not at all exciting to iPod enthusiasts, this move will surely accelerate sales. As an iLounge editor, I like the new orange color.”

Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactionsJesse Hollington, Contributing Editor, Canada: “The new colours provide a nice way to clip on a shuffle that better matches your personal tastes, a nice alternative to the silver-only low-end nano. Now people could even buy different shuffles for different moods (with different music). They’ll likely be a huge hit with the teen crowd, but on the other hand, I’m perfectly happy with my silver shuffle and have no intention of rushing out to buy a coloured one, particularly in those colours. Older folks are less likely to be impressed.”

Colored iPod shuffles: iLounge Editors’ reactionsBob Levens, Contributing Editor, United Kingdom: “It’s a shuffle. That you can now coordinate to your wardrobe – one for each day of your working week. I think the colour facelift will appeal to many who are considering the shuffle as a second iPod. It was nice of Apple to provide an orange one for iLoungers.”

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