Combining Smart Playlist Conditions

Q: Is it possible to get a mix of ‘Match ALL Conditions’ and ‘Match ANY Conditions’ when using smart playlists? It seems all I can do is match ALL rules or match ANY rules, not any complex combination of the two. I am trying to create a smart playlist to do the following:

(Genre contains Podcast OR Genre contains Technology) AND Play Count is 0.


– Jeff

A: Indeed there is a way to do it, but it’s a bit messy. What we’re going to do is create two playlists using a single “ALL” condition, and then create a third playlist that represents what you’re asking for, using a single “ANY” condition.

Start by making the following two playlists:

Unplayed Podcasts:


Unplayed Technology:



Then, use these two playlists as the basis for the one you really want:



If you’d like, you can get the two intermediate playlists out of the way by dumping them into a playlist folder, so they’re a bit less intrusive among the playlists you really care about.

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