Compatibility with overseas accessories

Jesse Hollington
By Jesse Hollington  - Senior Editor

Q: If we buy an iPod in the USA, can we buy accessories in which to dock it in Europe? Specifically I’m thinking of just purchasing an iPod from an Apple Store in the U.S. and then buying accessories such as speakers and a docking station when I return to Europe?

– Missy

A: Certainly! With the obvious exception of the Shuffle, every iPod model since the third-generation iPod has used the same Dock Connector port, regardless of where they are sold.

Therefore, all accessories specifically made to use the iPod’s Dock Connector port will also work, regardless of where they are purchased.

There should be no difference in charging or powering an iPod through any Dock Connector based accessory that you would purchase.

The differences in voltage between North America and Europe are irrelevant in this case, as any iPod accessory will include a transformer to output the proper voltage to the iPod (which is much lower than the external mains power in either case). Obviously, you’ll only need to be concerned about travelling with those accessories, however, as they might not be designed to physically connect to wall outlets outside of Europe.

By Jesse Hollington Senior Editor
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