Continuous video playback on the iPod

Q: My 5G ipod will allow me to add video I downloaded from the internet, and it will allow me to add it to my Ipod, but when I play it from a playlist it will only play if I select a specific track, not continuosly, like the videos I download from the iTunes Store. Why is that?

– Robert

A: The most likely cause of this is that the “Skip when Shuffling” option is enabled for these video tracks, which can be found in the track properties by selecting the track and choosing File, Get Info from the menu and then choosing the “Options” tab:

When this option is enabled for a given track, the iPod will never play that track next in sequence when the “Shuffle” setting is enabled on the iPod (which can be found in the iPod’s Settings menu). The solution is to either turn Shuffle OFF on the iPod itself, or disable the “Skip when Shuffling” setting for these tracks. This can be done on a track-by-track basis (as above), or for a group of tracks by selecting multiple tracks before choosing the File, Get Info option:


Continuous video playback on the iPod

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