Continuously playing one track

Q: Can you make one song continuously play over and over?

– Pam

A: Absolutely. Both iTunes and the iPod have options for repeating the entire playlist or an individual track.

In iTunes, you can do this by selecting Controls, Repeat One from the iTunes menu, or by clicking on the “Repeat” button in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes Window until it shows the Repeat symbol with the small numeral 1 beside it.

On traditional iPod models, this option can be found under the Settings, Repeat menu item.

On the iPod touch and iPhone, the Repeat option is accessed by tapping on the album cover while a track is playing, and then clicking on the “Repeat” icon which appears in the top-left corner, beside the track progress indicator. Tapping on the icon cycles through the three repeat modes.

Continuously playing one track


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