Controlling the backlight with the Menu button


Q: Since I’ve upgraded the software on my fifth-generation iPod to version 1.1, I can no longer turn my backlight on or off by holding the “Menu” button. This trick worked on my old iPod, and it worked on my new one, at least until I got the new Software Update. What gives?

– Anonymous

A: This is a change in the iPod’s interface, not a bug. We can tell this because Apple has updated its online manuals to reflect the following change: holding the Menu button no longer controls the iPod’s backlight. Now, it instead forces an instantaneous return to the iPod’s main menu. There doesn’t appear to be any way to restore the backlight functionality without finding a way to revert back to iPod Software version 1.0.

While the loss of manual backlight control may be a minor disappointment, we actually prefer the new navigation shortcut, reducing the need for repetitive button presses to access, for example, the “Settings” menu to change Shuffle preferences.

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