Converting DVDs for iPod

Q: How do I get video onto my new iPod? iTunes lets me convert CDs for my music, but when I insert a DVD, it doesn’t recognize it.

A: Unfortunately, since DVDs are generally copy-protected, iTunes does not provide any support for converting your DVDs into an iPod-ready format or transferring them onto your iPod, so you must either rely on content purchased from the iTunes Store (if available in your country of residence), or turn to third-party tools to convert your own DVDs (if legal in your country of residence).

We have written a number of tutorials on how to accomplish this, including an overview of the different resolutions and video formats for the different iPod models, guidelines on how to convert the video and some of the tools available to do so, and even a tutorial on how to properly organize and catalog your video content so it appears properly in iTunes and on your iPod.