Converting Media in iTunes 11


Q: I have voice memos recorded on my iPhone 4S from some meetings but I want to
convert them into MP3 files and edit the relevant required parts. However I can’t find the Advanced menu to do this any more on iTunes 11. Do you have any ideas?

Converting Media in iTunes 11

– Faruk

A: The Advanced menu in iTunes 11 has been removed, however all of the options previously found here have been relocated elsewhere—mostly in various sub-menus under the File menu.

Specifically, the option to convert media files can now be found under File, Create New Version.

As with previous versions of iTunes, the audio conversion option shown here is based on your default audio import format. The setting for this can still be found in the same place, by going into iTunes Preferences, and selecting Import Settings from the General tab.


Converting Media in iTunes 11

Most of the other options from the former Advanced menu are in other sub-menus on the File menu, with the exception of the CD import options which have been moved to their own options menu that appears on the CD import screen and the option to deauthorize an Audible account which can now be found on the Store menu.  See our article, Secrets & Features of iTunes 11 for more information on this and other things that have changed in iTunes 11.

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