Converting music en masse

Q: Is there a way to convert songs imported into iTunes with using AAC format to MP3, or do I have to re-import the song into iTunes as the MP3 format? I’d like to export as many songs as I can to another device that can’t play AAC.

– Ed

A: Sure. You can convert a large selection of existing tracks at once in iTunes, using the “Convert to [format]” command in iTunes’ Advanced menu.

Before you use it, however, you first need to configure the format settings that the feature will use. Although iTunes doesn’t make it obvious, the feature converts to the format that is currently set as the import format in the “Advanced → Importing” panel of iTunes’ Preferences. So, set the format here to MP3 with the bitrate of your choice, select the songs you’d like to convert, and choose “Convert to MP3” in iTunes’ Advanced menu.

When you do this, iTunes will create a copy of all selected songs in the new format. You’ll need to make sure there’s enough room on your hard drive for this duplicate set of tracks, and – if you’d only like songs in the new format – you’ll need to delete the originals after the process is complete.