Converting Palm address book for iPod touch

Q: I have a Palm address book that I have used for years on my iMac. I want to transfer this address book and calendar to my iPod touch. Where do I start and what is the best and cheapest way?

– Tania

A: On a Mac, the iPod touch synchronizes primarily with Apple’s own Address Book and iCal applications either via iTunes or wirelessly through MobileMe.

Therefore, the key to getting your address book and calendar data onto your iPod touch is to migrate it into these applications.

The simplest way to do this is by manually exporting your address book data and calendar data from your Palm Desktop application itself, using the vCard format for your address book information, and the vCal format for your calendar entries. The vCard files with your address book data can be imported directly into your Mac OS X Address Book using the File, Import, vCards option, and the vCal files with your calendar data can be imported directly into the iCal application using the File, Import option in iCal and choosing vCal as the import format.

Once you have the information in the Mac OS X Address Book and iCal, synchronizing it to your iPod touch is simply a matter of configuring the appropriate options under the “Info” tab for your iPod touch within iTunes. Alternatively, if you have a MobileMe subscription, you can configure your iPod touch to synchronize over Wi-Fi with the MobileMe servers simply by configuring your MobileMe account directly on your device.