Converting tracks to mono in iTunes

Q: I was wondering if I could make a duplicate of a song through iTunes and convert it to mono. I want to make sure that I have both a stereo and a mono copy of the song, though – this is for a temporary project, so I don’t want to permanently lose the full-quality track.

– Ben

A: Absolutely! iTunes’ built-in song conversion feature makes a copy of the original file by default, so you won’t have to worry about overwriting your good-quality copies.

This conversion feature uses the CD-importing audio settings as its configuration. Therefore, to set up the feature to convert songs to mono, simply alter the importing settings in the “Advanced → Importing” tab in iTunes’ Preferences. For example, for a mono AAC setting, you’ll need to select the “Custom…” setting from the pull-down menu and configure the settings as below, where “Channels” is set to “Mono”:

Converting tracks to mono in iTunes

With these settings prepared, how do you activate the conversion? Simply right click on the song(s) you’d like to convert, and choose “Convert Selection to AAC.”

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