Corrupt file on iPod


Q: Whenever I connect the iPod into the computer, I get a pop-up from the toolbar that says: “The file or directory iPod_ControliTunesPlay Counts is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility.” 

What do I do?

– Anonymous

A: It’s generally viewed as dangerous (or, at least, risky) to use standard hard drive utilities (defragmenters, disk checkers, partitioning programs, etc.) on the iPod. The easiest and safest way to deal with an iPod file corruption problem is to simply “Restore” the iPod completely using Apple’s iPod Software Updater:

Download the iPod Software Updater, install it, plug in your iPod, and choose “Restore” in the program. This will wipe your iPod clean and re-load its internal software. You’ll need to re-synchronize your iPod with your iTunes Library.

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