Corrupt iPod Photo Cache

Q:I cannot sync my photos as iTunes says I have a corrupt folder. This has only happened since an iPod Photo Cache has appeared in my photo library. I have always synced successfully prior to this for two years.

Can you please explain why this photo cache has only now appeared and will I lose my pictures if I put it in the recycle bin. I would be very grateful for some help with this. Thank You

– Irene

A: The iPod Photo Cache folder is actually a normal part of the process of syncing photos from iTunes to an iPod or other Apple media device, so it’s odd that this folder would not have appeared previously.

When iTunes transfers photos to your device it actually converts and resizes the photos into a format more appropriate for the specific model of iPod or iOS device being used. This process can take a bit of time, particularly for a large photo collection, so iTunes caches these converted photos in a folder on your hard drive to save future processing time should it ever need to copy those photos to the iPod again.

The good news is that you can safely delete this folder entirely without losing any photos or information; iTunes will simply recreate this folder the next time you sync photos to your iPod or other Apple device.