Corrupted album art on the iPod

Q: I find that occasionally the album art on my iPod photo gets corrupted, lost, or incorrect. In the past, I have sometimes been able to fix this by scrolling through the affected songs in iTunes then re-synching, but now that I have thousands of songs, this is impractical (and doesn’t seem to work anymore, either). The artwork is correct in iTunes. Any ideas?

– Keith

A: Although we’re not terribly proud of the answer we’re supplying due to its inelegant, brute-force nature, it will certainly work. Download and install the latest iPod Software Updater from Apple’s website. Plug in your iPod, launch the Updater software, and select the “Restore” function. This will wipe your iPod to its original factory state, allowing you to start clean by having iTunes completely rebuild the iPod’s navigation database (and re-build the miniature album art that accompanies the music). You’ll be less likely to experience a recurrence of this problem with this solution.

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