Cover Flow on 4G iPod nano


Q: I recently got an iPod nano 4G and I’m wondering why when I’m tilting it to 90 degrees or the opposite way the Cover Flow is not showing at all. Is there a problem with my iPod?

Cover Flow on 4G iPod nano

– Paul

A: While it’s possible the orientation sensor on your new iPod nano might be defective, there are a couple of settings on the iPod itself that you may want to check.

Firstly, keep in mind that the orientation sensor is disabled along with the click wheel input whenever the hold switch is on, and the iPod will therefore remain in its last displayed orientation until you toggle the hold switch back off.

The second consideration is that the most recent iPod firmware update includes a setting under the Settings menu to disable Cover Flow view when rotating the iPod. Go into your settings menu and ensure that this reads “Cover Flow” rather than “Off.”

If the hold switch is in fact off, and the iPod is set to display Cover Flow when rotating, then the likely issue is that your orientation sensor is not working and you should exchange the new iPod for a new one.


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