Creating a better Videos hierarchy in the iPod’s menus

Q: I have upgraded to the new 60GB fifth-generation iPod. I have copied my own videos and formatted them to iPod format. In iTunes, I can make my own genre, artist, title, etc.

just as I do for music. However, when I transfer the videos to my iPod, I lose all of the tagging structure since I can’t browse my videos by the Genre tag I’ve worked to organize. Is there a way to fix this? How do I add different categories inside the drop down menu for Movies and TV Shows? The only thing I have been able to do is make Smart Playlists to group everything in their own categories.


– Jim

A: Unfortunately, what you’re doing is as good as it gets… at least for now.
We too have tagged our videos using the “Genre” tag into several different categories like TV Shows, Movies, TV Ads, Comedy Acts, Cool Clips, Music Videos, etc., but these are indeed independent of Apple’s “Movies/Music Videos/TV Shows” pull-down menu found in each file’s Get Info panel.

Furthermore, you can’t navigate Genre tags from within the iPod’s “Videos” menu. Other than separating out Music Videos (done under Get Info > Options Tab > Video Kind: Music Video), your solution of creating video playlists for each respective Genre is as good a solution as we’d be able to come up with.