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Q: Is there an easy way to create/export a list of individual albums available by genre from iTunes?  For instance, I want to generate a list of all the jazz albums I own, but I can’t figure out a good way to do it. If I export all my jazz albums into a text file, it spits out everything including each song and wraps it around.

– Matt

A: Sure – iTunes’ Printing functionality can do exactly this, and make it look great, too!

To begin, create a Smart Playlist that contains all of your “Jazz” albums. This will work: GenreContains“Jazz”

Next, give this playlist a title, and highlight it in iTunes’ Source column so that it’s the active selection.

Then, go to iTunes’ “File” menu and select “Print.”

In the first set of settings, change the selection to “Album Listing” and choose a theme below (“List of Albums” sounds most like what you want, in this case).

Then, simply hit “Print…” to send the list to the printer. If you’d like to retain an electronic copy, try using a PDF generator like the one built into MacOS X’s “Print” dialog box, or like CutePDF (Free) or Adobe Acrobat on the PC.

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