Creating video playlists


Q: Currently all of my videos are in the same location on my ipod and i am looking to seperate them into smaller groups. How can I do this, so they’re easier to navigate?

– Gavin

A: There are several ways. Two weeks ago we discussed one complicated way to get videos well-organized under the “TV Show” menu, but we didn’t discuss one far easier way to organize them—Video Playlists. The iPod, as you’ve likely noticed, can navigate “Video Playlists” instead of the long list of “Movies.”

What can be a bit confusing, however, is that in iTunes, there are no distinctions between a music playlist and a video playlist. A “Video Playlist,” as the iPod understands it, is simply any normal playlist that contains at least one video.

Thus, they’re quite easy to create. Simply drag videos into manual playlists or set up the logic for a smart playlists that will capture your video content. Then, access these from the iPod’s “Videos → Video Playlists” option. With a little time spent organizing your videos, it will be a lot easier to use them on the go!

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